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05 Jul, 2017 09:15am catchinwithcaleb:
Need fishing tips please
05 Jul, 2017 08:48am tumanb:
I would really like to fish with worms if at all possible though
05 Jul, 2017 08:47am tumanb:
Honestly I'm clueless to prices but my range is 50-200 rod and reel combo. I have no experience with bass except for the past two weeks I've went to this lake. So as for lure I've experimented with senko 5" worms, jigs, and jerk bait.ive only managed two catch one baby bass. Lure advice would benefit me greatly as well.
04 Jul, 2017 10:37am heycoach:
What price range are you looking at and what lures do you want to fish on it?
04 Jul, 2017 12:26am ecbaker209:
Unfortunately we have a crappy lake. There are a few resistors in the area. I haven't tried any out yet.
03 Jul, 2017 07:53pm bigbadbill:
Caught on bluegill Whopper Plopper
03 Jul, 2017 07:00pm bassbuckman70:
4 to 4 1/2 maybe close to 5 depending on length. Good job
03 Jul, 2017 06:40pm anonymous:
I just started bass fishing and I'm looking to buy a rod and reel combo that's durable and budget friendly. Any suggestions?
03 Jul, 2017 04:01pm bigab:
I don't have a scale what do you guys think?
01 Jul, 2017 09:04pm matthias24:
Any info about Prettyboy Res matthias24
01 Jul, 2017 07:46pm mossman21:
What would y'all recommend for going after grass carp? Any tips/ticks would be great, thanks you
30 Jun, 2017 12:38pm kenandrea:
Nice fight!!!
30 Jun, 2017 05:35am dap14:
Disney fishing. 1/2 hr than security came.
29 Jun, 2017 11:17am davidlea:
Does anyone know a good spot at the American river for salmon? Thanks
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