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02 May, 2012 04:07pm okoroukwu:
why won't Ng map appear on my set instead.
26 Apr, 2012 07:44am jcain57:
Anyone know a fix for zoom not working in small cities, but large metro areas work just fine? Pocket PC 6.0
24 May, 2011 10:51am ebow:
I leave in Ghana and I have just joined geoterrestrial but the setilite cannot locat my position .
19 Feb, 2010 01:11am sibi:
Hi why are people not using this discussion?
21 Jan, 2010 05:02am ibillwilson:
Hi there. My mobile does have GPS... but is there any reason to use cell tower positioning instead? e.g., would that save power in general usage while still providing decent quick fixes? Thanks!
20 Nov, 2009 01:37am geoterrestrial:
News: Allow iPhone (or any other mobile platform) users to track your location via your Universal MyLocation Url, Share this link with others to give non-GPSToday users an easy way to request permission to see your location.
14 Nov, 2009 05:01pm geoterrestrial:
News: GeoGroups now have friendly web urls and RSS feeds with GeoRSS. For example fishing spots would be To get the RSS feed url for a group, simply append /feed/ at the end. Similarly, users now have their own pages, eg http://www.geoterrestrial/users/khaytsus/ , and an RSS feed for the user's posts at http://www.geoterrestrial/users/khaytsus/feed/
13 Nov, 2009 01:27pm geoterrestrial:
News: Location History! If you have been tracking your location using GPSToday, you can now view your location history on the website. Click the History link in your My Location post to map, download or publish your movements from a specified time range.
29 Sep, 2009 08:16am d3iii812:
to all who know an idiot and cheat on my wife
13 Sep, 2009 04:46pm nahya:
@deca: grab your registration key from your email and re-enter it. That *should* do the trick. Don't quote me on that though.
10 Sep, 2009 04:10pm deca:
needed to reload this software on my phone. it now says my username already exists and says i need to use a different one. i dont want to register again, just sign in. option on phone only is register. how can i just sign in and resume?
04 Sep, 2009 04:54am nahya:
This software is quite cool. I joined last night and now I'm just looking at things that I can do.
01 Sep, 2009 02:08pm manwithavision804:
if you can help me out hit me up
30 Aug, 2009 09:44am manwithavision804:
new to this
23 Aug, 2009 04:08pm njwrigley:
anyone in yorkshire, UK use thid app?
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