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29 Oct, 2012 08:54pm randyfoster:
Someone with the knowledge please tell me about what persentage it takes an o/o w own trailer pulling reefer to operate? Have opportunity to buy rig for 10% down n 10% of gross till paid off. But owner I'm pulling for right now says I won't make anything close to 10% says I'll starve, what do y'all think? He says I'll be doing good to clear 3%
13 Aug, 2012 08:10am rambler1972:
Anyone looking for work, bossman is hiring a solo and a team. You deal your own pay package. I don't get envolved. Call 4052027557, if your enterested
09 Aug, 2012 08:23pm petairlimo:
97 pete
09 Aug, 2012 07:53pm petairlimo:
He must be a Yankee
06 Aug, 2012 07:42pm rambler1972:
05 Aug, 2012 10:41pm klondike:
Glad to see this app is back up and running
03 Aug, 2012 02:53pm bamabiscuit:
TWIC Escorts to access Port of Mobile or AL State Docks... Contact Admiral Security (251) 725-6018 or schedule at
02 Aug, 2012 01:11am onecosmicguy:
Looking for a good diesel station in Payson AZ and also Mesa or Apache Junction... Preferably ones that take ComData but I can make due without it. Thanks in advance!
01 Aug, 2012 03:12pm rambler1972:
Don't do it
30 Jul, 2012 04:18pm ivanj:
Does anyone knows anything about Schneider lease program
29 Jul, 2012 10:37am rambler1972:
Does anyone still use this app?
27 Jul, 2012 10:30pm rambler1972:
Bossman is looking for solo and team drivers. If interested call 4052027557. Good pay, his checks don't bounce
28 May, 2012 10:26pm domini:
28 May, 2012 07:24pm stikyblunt:
28 May, 2012 06:57pm brewmeister:
Wow, that's exactly the kind of conceit I was trying to describe, thanks for reinforcing my point so well.
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