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15 Jun, 2011 Get geo-alerted on upcoming truck stops and weigh stations, and more! Get the new Truck Stops USA iPhone App!
27 May, 2011 WeatherAlerts Version 3.2 is now released to the appstore, now better than ever. Know somebody who lives in Tornado alley? Tell them to get this app!
15 Apr, 2011 Fishing Spots is now a Top 25 app in the Sports Category. And so is WeatherAlerts in the Weather Category!
13 Feb, 2011 We apologize for an interruption in service that coincided with sudden server load generated by the new WeatherAlerts app. All systems are now back to normal. However, some users who signed up for a new account between 7:00pm PST on Feb-12, 2011 and before 4:00pm PST Feb-13, 2011 might need to sign-up again.
11 Feb, 2011 Get the new Fishing Spots iPhone App by GeoGroups:
06 Feb, 2011 Next time you plan to go to the beach, check out BeachSpot, the new social beach finder iPhone app from GeoGroups.
16 Dec, 2010 You can now join the FBI Crime Stats group to see statistics on violent crime, theft, murder and other categories on a city by city basis on a map.
15 Dec, 2010 In the holiday spirit, GeoAlerts is now free for all existing users and new users who join on or before December 25, 2010.
11 Dec, 2010 TheNextWeb: "GeoGroups - Did location finally get done right?" -
11 Dec, 2010 CNET: "GeoGroups - A unique GPS app", iPhone App of the week -
11 Dec, 2010 Technorati On GeoGroups: "You are totally invisible unless you explicitly choose to make yourself seen .. I imagine the Facebook haters will appreciate this." -
11 Dec, 2010 AppScout: "So Imagine if Meetup and Foursquare did 'the grown-up' and 9 months later, GeoGroups was born" -
11 Dec, 2010 Three great outdoors groups by user valkyrie for silicon valley bay area residents added to the Featured section, bay area skate parks, bay area surf spots, and cali snowboarding spots.
08 Dec, 2010 GeoGroups iPhone App Version 3.0 is now available in the iPhone AppStore. Download at or search for geogroups in the appstore.
03 Dec, 2010 Beaches group added for beaches all across the US. Also added statewise beaches groups. Join and add pictures next time you are there.